Naturally Boost Attention

Discover a drug-free solution to be in control of your attention, get organized, and succeed in your goals


Learning how to sustain attention is helpful in personal and professional settings.


Staying organized and being detail oriented helps people achieve big dreams.


Learn how to stay on track with your to-do list to keep up with demands.


Feeling nervous about your performance can lead to anxiety that causes more trouble with focusing.


Learning how to control your attention allows you to boost performance.


Feeling helpless and hopeless is often part of ADHD, but you can overcome it.

ADHD Treatments

Learn how to overcome your ADHD and other attentional issues with structured and practical skills

Dr David Helfand PsyD showing woman her brainwaves during neurofeedback


Learn how to train your brain to improve attention and organization


Develop lifelong tools to overcome ADHD and make a plan for success

guy doing meditation training with Dr David Helfand PsyD
Woman using AVE neurofeedback at LifeWise


Harness the power of meditation to retrain your brain

Meet Dr H

Read about Dr H’s personal story and his drive to help others

Philosophy of Care

Learn how to break your negative cycle by considering the four domains of wellness


Review success stories from past clients