Fix Your Brain, Fix Your Life

Heal your brain and get back to life before your injury.


Fix The Root Cause

We will work together to identify the root cause of your symptoms by assessing four domains: biological, psychological, social and purpose. Most clients get significant benefit within 5-10 sessions while meeting 2-4 times per month.

Remote Support Available Via Live Video Chat

Natural Concussion Relief

Reclaim what you have lost through advanced brain training called neurofeedback, and let’s get you back to your life.

Brain Fog

Hitting your head can leave you in a fog that causes issues with focus and other mental tasks

Memory Issues

Difficulty recalling information or with short term memory affects all aspects of life


Recovering from a concussion is a journey and often leaves people feeling alone and depressed

Disrupted Sleep

Head injuries can cause sleep issues that only make other symptoms even worse


The fear of getting more concussions often prevents people from engaging in life


Neck and head pain are common experiences with brain injuries

What To Expect

My therapeutic style is generally very active and solution-focused. I usually meet with clients 2-4 times per month, and I follow a simple formula for helping you achieve your goals.


Identify your primary goals, potential barriers, and then create a plan of action


Learn personal techniques and skills to make positive changes and become independently successful


Make sure you are on track and modify program as needed

Natural Relief

I use a combination of natural and holistic techniques to provide the best treatment


Learn skills for positive change in your own home or office


Save years of practice and achieve a deeper state by combining neuroscience with meditation


Learn how to improve control, flexibility, and resiliency via "physical therapy" for your brain


Hypnotherapy allows the active mind to rest while the subconscious mind takes over and provides healing

Relaxation & Relationship Psychologist

My training in neuroscience, psychology, meditation, and yoga, allows me to quickly identify why people are caught in negative cycles and then teach them skills to create positive changes.

Dr. David Helfand
New England Telehealth

Serving New England & Beyond

LifeWise is a private psychology and wellness office founded by Dr David Helfand. It is located in downtown Danvers, MA and serves local residents of the North Shore of Boston, Greater New England, and anyone else who is looking for natural treatments. Services can be provided in person or via video chat.