Bring Joy Back To Your Life

Learn how to manage your depression and find peace


Sometimes it feels like you have no control over your feelings and your mind


Trying several treatments without success can leave you feeling more depressed.

PTSD & Trauma

The past can be haunting and impact your life years later for many years

Low Motivation

The cycle of depression can kill any drive you once had in life

Brain Fog

Depression can feel like your brain just won't function at full speed


Constanly having a negative view of your future and the world makes depression even worse.

Dr David Helfand PsyD showing woman her brainwaves during neurofeedback


Teach your brain how to stay positive and wake up


Learn lifelong skills to overcome and prevent depression

guy doing meditation training with Dr David Helfand PsyD
Woman using AVE neurofeedback at LifeWise


Harness the power of meditation to invigorate your mind and body

It's Not Your Fault

Consider if your relationships are causing your depression

Meet Dr H

Read about Dr H’s personal story and his drive to help others

Philosophy of Care

Learn how to break your negative cycle by considering the four domains of wellness


Review success stories from past clients