Family Support For A Peaceful Home

Expert Guidance & Counseling

Break the negative cycles of communication and interaction by learning the skills to reconnect and find peace in the house


Family Life Can Be Stressful

It takes skills and often proper support for the family home to be peaceful and function at a higher level

Improve Communication

Learn how to be heard and effectively listen to others

Resolve Conflict

Increase the peace around your house

Negotiate Roles

Set clear expectations in the home for all members

Bond Together

Become a loving and caring family unit

Heal Old Wounds

Resolve past arguments and move forward positively

Protect An Individual

Protect those who are vulnerable by rallying together

Repair or Strengthen Your Family

Correct and prevent negative cycles, create positive change, and learn how to connect again

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If your household is in crisis, it is time to learn how to stabilize the family, repair any damage, and start creating a positive path forward for each member of the household

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Protect the family and relationships you have by learning what to expect as your family ages or grows and how to effectively navigate these transitions

What To Expect

My therapeutic style is generally very active and solution-focused, and I usually meet with clients 2-4 times per month.


Identify the negative cycles in your family and how to break them


Learn the skills to make positive changes


Practice & refine your new skills with professional guidance


Integrate your knowledge into your life and learn when to seek additional help

Looking For Faster Results?

Relaxation & Relationship Psychologist

My training in neuroscience, psychology, relationship skills, meditation, and yoga, allows me to quickly identify why people are caught in negative cycles and then teach them skills to create positive changes.

Dr. David Helfand PsyD psychologist and owner of LifeWise
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Serving New England & Beyond

LifeWise is a private psychotherapy and wellness office located in downtown Danvers, MA. I provide services to local residents of the North Shore of Boston, Greater New England, and anyone else who is looking to make positive changes in their life and relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Family therapy counseling with Dr Helfand

Private Family Retreats

  • Work intensively over 2-3 days privately with Dr H
  • Complete 3 months of therapy in 3 days
  • Face-to-Face and virtual retreats available
  • Be more efficient with your time

Telehealth Via Video Chat

  • Access help from the safety of your home or office
  • Learn techniques in the comfort of your own home
  • Practice skills where you will actually need them
  • Work with us anywhere you have internet
  • Save time commuting to appointments
Remote Telehealth Via Video Chat

Neuroscience And Family Counseling

It has been known for a long time that our brains develop based on both our genetic makeup and the environment we live in. That means that experiences with our family play a crucial role in our development. Similarly, the way a child’s brain is wired can impact the rest of the family based on how they interact, the way they interpret actions from other’s, and their ability to regulate emotions. Understanding the neurology of each individual allows for better results during family therapy.

Positive Change Is Possible

"My husband and I got more done in 3 sessions with Dr H than in several years of therapy with multiple therapists."


"Your work with us has done wonders, and I am so grateful. Thank you!”


"I just wanted to say thanks for the good session today. It's great to have the practical exercise. Looking forward to using it."


"After just one neurofeedback session my wife said I was a changed man. I was more pleasant, had more energy, and I slept great that night."

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