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Relationships require skills that most people are never taught. Learn how you can have a fulfilling and successful relationship for years to come.

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Relationships Require Skill​


Break the negative cycles of communication and interaction by learning the skills to reconnect and find peace in your house

Sex Therapy

Couples of all ages can lose their spark or desire. Sexual satisfaction is extremely important for marital success and affair prevention.


Affairs can feel like the end of the marriage and leave someone questioning what they did wrong or blaming their partner. There are ways to survive and prevent affairs by working on the relationship.


Break the negative cycles of communication and interaction by learning the skills to reconnect and find peace in your house

Repair or Strengthen Your Marriage

Committed relationships are hard work and many couples are caught in negative cycles of poor communication and interactions. Correct and prevent negative cycles, create positive change, and be connected with each other

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If your relationship or marriage are in crisis, it is time to learn how to rebuild trust, connect with your spouse, and improve your like, love, and lust for each other.


Do you want your happily ever after? Premarital and newlywed couples are rarely taught how to maintain a fulfilling and vibrant marriage. Learn the skills you need to truly honor your vows.

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The Neuroscience of Marriage​

One secret to a happy marriage is that both people make each other feel good on a cellular level. I can help you identify the neurological reasons you are struggling to connect with your spouse, and most importantly how to retrain your brain for love and compassion using simple yet profound skills and techniques.

Couples therapy with Dr David Helfand Psy D

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Learn how to improve your relationship during a 1 to 3 day virtual retreat with Dr Helfand that is better than 6 months of ongoing therapy

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