Become Your Best Self

Peak performance is not only for athletes. Most people have personal or professional goals they are working diligently to achieve. Perhaps you want to hone your attention, increase your ability to relax even under the most difficult circumstances, or even improve your golf or tennis game. Many people think that “treatment” is only for the sick, weak, or suffering. However, techniques used for mental health treatment can also be applied in ways to boost one’s general performance in life.


The brainwaves of elite athletes and monks have been studied for many years. What do the brains of these practitioners have in common? Alpha waves. Specifically, the ability of either party to relax in a very short period of time allows them to fully engage when needed and then quickly drop into a deep state of relaxation resting for the next challenge. Research on tennis pros has shown the ability to oscillate between these two states between the serve and the return… read more.


Training your brain to relax and focus through meditation is only the beginning of the benefits one can expect. Mindfulness clears your mind by allowing the mental chatter and fog to settle so that you gain perspective, clarity, and insight into your life and related contemplations… read more.


Stretching your body is only the beginning of the benefits of yoga. Learning to bend your mental and physical limitations allows your to reach your full potential while also opening up stale and stagnate systems in your body… read more.