Jump Start Your Life

Make the first step to achieving your goals. Whether you have a busy schedule or prefer to dive into your new life, joining us on an intensive retreat will help you along your path. Every LifeWise Retreat is tailored to help you meet your goals. We offer retreats for individuals or groups up to 6 people. These 3 day wellness retreats integrate several different therapeutic techniques including mindfulness, yoga, and solution focused or insight oriented therapies. You will learn cognitive and behavioral techniques to improve your quality of life by helping to identify specific goals, make a plan to achieve them, and learn about yourself in the process.

Your Recipe For Success

Every retreat is customized based on your treatment goals. Because each person has different needs, the activities and process of each retreat varies slightly between participants. Most retreats will include some element of each of the techniques listed below. The proportions are dependent on the person.


Curiosity is the best road to insight. During your retreat, we will explore your thought process, beliefs, assumptions of the world, and values. Sometimes a person is not aware of his or her thought process until it is articulated or shared. Engaging in a safe and reflective dialogue that explores this element of yourself can offer valuable insights into how you subconsciously live your life, and thereby where changes could improve your experience.


Many people in therapy spend session after session for months or even years talking to another person. While this format does help many people, it also leaves many craving change and action. During your retreat, we will discuss practical solutions and changes you can make in your life to achieve your goals. We will also prioritize which changes are most likely to provide the largest benefit.

Mind Awareness

Mindfulness is the practice of nonjudgmental awareness and engagement in each moment as it arises. There are many ways to practice mindfulness including mindful eating, walking, brushing teeth, listening to music, or even doing dishes Whatever your goals, slowing down your mind, adding intentional awareness, and exchanging reflex for choice will likely help you achieve them.

Learn more about mindfulness.

Body Awareness

Yoga is an ancient practice of movement. In our culture today, it is often perceived as exercise for the body. However, this practice was originally designed to allow a person to enter deeper states of meditation and awareness through a connection between mind and body. We will use yoga for this ancient purpose: to wake up your body, listen to ​