Achieve Your Goals Quickly & Efficiently

Private retreats allow you to work intensively towards your goals while keeping the momentum going each hour


Private 2-Day Retreats

If you have ever had difficulty scheduling appointments, or commuting to weekly visits, then an intensive retreat experience could be ideal for you.

woman doing yoga

Benefits of Retreats

  • Keep Momentum
  • Time Efficient
  • Make quicker change
  • No distractions
  • Save time commuating to appointments

Your Private Experience

Many services can be providers via live video chat.

Save years of practice and achieve a deeper state by combining meditation with neurofeedback

Learn how to break the cycle of stress by improving your resiliency and coping skills

Build intimacy, connection, and communication to improve your relationship

Relaxation & Relationship Psychologist

My training in neuroscience, psychology, meditation, and yoga, allows me to quickly identify why people are caught in negative cycles and then teach them skills to create positive changes.

Dr. David Helfand
New England Telehealth

Serving New England & Beyond

LifeWise is a private psychology and wellness office founded by Dr David Helfand. It is located in downtown Danvers, MA and serves local residents of the North Shore of Boston, Greater New England, and anyone else who is looking for natural treatments. Services can be provided in person or via video chat.