A Humanistic & Insight Oriented Approach

Psychotherapy allows you to speak with a trained professional in a confidential and safe space. Life is full of experiences that shape us in many ways both positive and negative. Everyone has his or her own unique story possibly involving growth, struggle, epiphany, loneliness, celebration, or confusion. It can be difficult to appreciate or understand how your story affects your current life or the impact it might have for your future.  Psychotherapy can help you understand your past, live fully in the present, and learn ways to be hopeful about your future.

Talk Therapy On-The-Go

Are you finding it difficult to travel to an office for your psychotherapy appointments? We realize that some people are too busy, have physical limitations, or are simply looking for a convenient way to talk to a highly qualified professional. That is why we offer remote psychotherapy sessions. You can experience the relief of treatment along with the convenience of technology by signing up for our telehealth service.