Establishing a Mind-Body Connection

Yoga is historically understood to mean “the union of the mind and body.” This ancient technique can can offer an opportunity to gain awareness, compassion, and insight into one of the most complex entities in the universe: you.

How can moving your body in a specific way provide this kind of information? Imagine that you are sustaining a yoga pose. It could be a standing pose which requires strength, a seated pose perhaps offering a deep stretch, or lying on your back with your eyes closed trying to rest. In all three of these situations, your mind and body are in a constant communication. Sometimes your mind will signal that you should give up and take a break; sometimes it will be racing so fast that you forget you are even in the yoga studio. Likewise, your body can send a signal that your muscles are over worked and you must slowly back out of the pose. In any of these scenarios you have an opportunity to obey or to pause. Take a moment to breathe, objectively evaluate the state of your mind and body, and then consciously act instead of just reacting. Perhaps you release a muscle that allows you to sustain the pose a little longer. Maybe you can take a deep breathe and refocus your busy mind. Whatever the method, the end result is that you are training your mind and body to be less reactive. Many yoga students eventually find themselves smiling and laughing during their practice at feelings which historically brought pain, shame, or avoidance.

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