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David Helfand, PsyD - "Dr H"

David Helfand, PsyD - "Dr H"

Owner, Founder Licensed Psychologist

I am a Licensed Psychologist in the state of Massachusetts. I received my doctoral degree in 2015 from William James College with a concentration in Health Psychology. Before I enrolled in Graduate school, I started Conscious Being Yoga and taught private yoga lessons and retreats in peoples’ homes. My journey has led me to believe that while health is important, there is not one path to follow… read more.

Jennifer Wayman

Neurofeedback Clinician

I believe we define our health and wellness every day through simple thoughts and behaviors. I did not truly understand what it meant to be healthy until I struggled with health concerns at a young age. I had to navigate what my health and wellness was through research and outside support. Seeing family members and friends also struggle with their health and wellness made me choose to go into this field. I have a passion to listen and understand what people need to improve their quality of life. My fulfillment in life is helping those find their health and wellness by focusing on the “whole self.” I graduated with my Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a concentration in Behavioral Medicine from William James College. With the knowledge I have gained personally and professionally, my goal is to make you feel that are being heard and given the best care possible while you experience amazing results.

Josie Gravallese


I am so grateful to be a part of such a unique and client centered practice. I am a person who chooses to approach every day with a positive light and I have many reasons why I do so. I believe positivity can change the way we look at our lives and the world around us. I have faced my own personal challenges with this and such experiences have proven to me that there is power in perspective and gratitude. I have made it a life-long goal to help people who are trying to reach a better place in their lives. When you walk through our door, I am proud to be here for you, providing you with a kind smile and an open heart.

Kyle Cummings

Kyle Cummings

Personal Trainer

I joined LifeWise with enthusiasm to serve the North Shore Community and beyond. After a diverse experience working in the customer service industry, and most recently co-managing a group mental health practice, I am grateful to be able to working here. I have an Associates Degree in Business and I am working toward a career in Health, Wellness, Fitness and Nutrition.

I am a Golf Professional and competitive golfer by trade who discovered the power of healthy eating, mindfulness, meditation, yoga and functional fitness which propelled me into a life of serving others in the alternative wellness field. I enjoy spending time with family, being active in the outdoors; and I am an avid reader, writer, and a full time student of life always looking to learn, grow and be my best-self.